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Un-hyped marketing help for sweaty service companies | Brickborn Agency

Master your marketing without getting railroaded in the process.

I help home and property service companies dial in their marketing for the next phase of growth.*

*I work with early second-stage business owners who know they need marketing help, but aren’t sure where to start. If you have stable revenue, solid operations, and a well-defined customer base, I can help you take your next step toward a sustainable marketing stack.

Clear the chaos

Defrag, consolidate, and align your marketing efforts.

Nail your message

Deploy clear, consistent language everywhere.

Nix the hype

Get real and skip the dog and pony show.

Marketing hat feeling heavy?

You didn’t start a service company so you could spend the most productive years of your life “figuring out marketing.” Truth is, many CEOs who wear the marketing hat unwittingly become organizational bottlenecks. Then this stuff happens:

Lack of transparency

Frustrated leadership

Delayed projects

Under-resourced sales teams

Low lead volume

Flavor-of-the-week strategies

Last-ditch vendor engagements

Ceaseless overwhelm

I can help lighten your load and get you on track.

Get a grip on your marketing and stay sane while doing it.

Stop the madness

Marketing can be a cluster for an overworked business owner. I help you cut through the clutter with systems that help you focus on what matters so you can untangle your brain and stay on top of your game.

Clarify your message

Most service providers are experts at what they do, but find it difficult to articulate with clear, consistent messaging. I work with you to craft vibrant, scalable marketing copy that connects with your prospects and rallies your team.

Eliminate fuzzy metrics

Third-party digital marketing vendors are often long on hype and short on returns. I stay in your corner and protect your interests with trusted vendor connections that give you full transparency for better marketing ROI.

So how does this work?

Here are the strides we take to crush your marketing and make real progress:


Connect and assess

We talk about what’s working, what’s not, and where you want to go. I send you a marketing brief that lays out a game plan.


Build and deploy

I create the marketing assets we’ve agreed on, then work with you and your team to put them in motion ASAP.


Measure and optimize

We build your marketing scorecard and define your key processes. I create guidelines to keep your efforts on track and improving.

Hey, I’m Shawn. I know what it’s like to think of marketing as a four-letter word.

As a designer I spent the past decade in the trenches with small service providers, learning on the job, adapting to an ever-changing landscape of marketing tools and techniques, all while trying to avoid getting ripped off by SEO and lead-generation “experts.”